Tuesday, June 24, 2014


 Lord Lead Us
With Your Protection We Arrive At Your Sanctuary

O Celestial King, and supreme Lord of the Universe, how glorious is the throne whereon thou sittest! and how renouned and noble the kingdom wherein thou dwellest! Its situation is far above the heavens:  its extent without limits:  its light exceeds in brightness the glittering lustre of precious stones; for as the lamp which constantly burns therein is the Lamb, it needs not the light of a Sun or a Moon. Thy streets, O heavenly Jerusalem, are paved with pure gold, and thou art watered by the River of Life, which flows through thee in steams more clear than chrystal.

There the angels are sent on embassies: the Archangels minister: the Principalities triumph: the Powers rejoice: the Dominions govern: the Virtues shine: the Thrones display their brightness: the Cherubim give light: the Seraphim burn with love: and an innumerable army of Saints, composed of Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, and Virgins, unite with the heavenly Host in eternal canticles of praise to the Lamb who sits on the throne.  

There is found health, unimpaired by sickness or infirmity: beauty, without deformity: immortality, without corruption: abundance, without want: quietness, without trouble: security, without fear: knowledge, without ignorance: safety, without surfeit, and joy without sadness.

There the eyes are renewed and made more clear than the sun: there the ears are charmed with the melody of music so superlatively sweet and enchanting, that the least sound thereof would alone be sufficient to ravish and captivate the hearts of the whole world:  there the sense of smelling is most wonderfully refreshed with the most exquisite odoriferous savours, and the taste satiated with incredible sweetness and delight.  

There the happy inhabitants are so firmly united together by the bands of friendship and love, and live together in such inexpressible peace and concord, that the whole seems to be animated with the same heart and soul.  

There to every one is assigned his state of glory according to his merit;  and above all the Saints, Angels, and orders of blessed Spirits, is placed the throne of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that most excellent Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, not now kneeling at the manger, nor disturbed with the apprehensions of losing her child, but seated with inestimable peace and perfect security next to her beloved Son Jesus, our blessed Lord and Redeemer.  

Arise therefore, O my soul, and soar aloft above all earthly thoughts and cares, as objects beneath the attention of an immortal Being.  Fly up with the wings of thy spirit, and salute the heavenly Jerusalem, those most excellent regions of the celestial land of promise, saying, "Hail "my  sweet and beloved country! The "haven of perfect security; the inviolable sanctuary of refuge; the extensive "mansion of blessings; the paradise of "unceasing delights; the garden of never "fading flowers; the eternal crown of all "just persons, and the ultimate object of "our desires."  After thee have I for a long time languished, and for the possession of thee I still sigh and mourn.  Alas! how is the time of my pilgrimage prolonged! O Lord, I desire to be dissolved, and for ever united to thee. Grant this we beseech thee, O merciful Father, thro' Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Redeemer.  Amen

The Christian's Guide to Heaven, or, A Manual of Catholic Piety.  London.

Printed and published by Keating and Brown, 38, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, and 63, Paternoster-row, 1825.